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Information and Consent in relation to the activities undertaken by Mr. Mario Azzoni at his Institute of Biopsicotronic


Mr. Mario Azzoni asks for the informed consent as an act through which the customer who is seeking to meet him, correctly identifies, understands and accepts the activity he is conducting.
In the event that the person presented is a minor, it is mandatory that he/she be accompanied by a parent who will sign the consent for him, thereby taking all responsibility.

  1. Mr. Mario Azzoni is not a doctor and in his Biopsicotronic Institute no diagnostic activities are conducted. Uniquely through the display of the person concerned, without the need for any type of equipment, or the need for the subject to be undressed, or manipulated in any way, a quantum biopsicoscopic mapping is conducted in order to detect potential bioenergetical imbalances.
    In order to avoid misunderstandings, individuals wanting to consult Mr. Mario Azzoni  for other reasons or with different expectations than this biopsicoscopic mapping are asked to cancel their appointment as well as abstain from requesting any other appointments in the future, as these would not be granted.
  1. After the biopsicoscopic mapping, the customer may submit him/herself, if and when he/she wants, to a Bioenergetic treatment. This is not a medical-surgical treatment, and should not be assimilated with it. Mr. Mario Azzoni, who performs it, is therefore not able to issue certificates or prescriptions of any kind. 
There is no obligation for the customer: the treatment can be followed on a regular basis or occasionally, interrupted at any time and restarted even after a long time without the need to ask for a new appointment. However, during such treatment, whose purpose is only bioenergetical, and whose frequency depends only on the customer’s willingness, Mr. Mario Azzoni cannot in any way guarantee the detection of all imbalances. Therefore it is recommended that the customer continue the traditional medical testing he thinks is necessary for his own health, not having/being able to assume that all imbalances should be detected during such treatment.
  1. A customer who chooses to voluntarily submit himself to a Bioenergetic treatment is asked not to interrupt the ongoing medical care, since the treatment does not in any way interfere with any other therapy. Only the doctors, or the family doctor, may decide during and /or after a Bioenergetic treatment to change or discontinue possible therapies of medical and surgical relevance.
    Therefore an individual wishing to interrupt a traditional medical treatment is asked to also interrupt Bioenergetic treatments: these, in fact, are not an alternative to official medicine and they cannot nor want to take its place.
  1. The interested party, in reading and signing the above, agrees and confirms that he/she intends to be freely subjected to a biopsicoscopic mapping and possible Bioenergetic treatment.
    In the case of treatment of a minor, the person signing the above accepts and assumes all responsibility for him/her.